SSIPA 2022 Board Elections

In accordance with SSIPA Bylaws, this announcement outlines the nomination and election process for new Board members, who will take office on 1/1/2022. There are currently two open Board member positions. A list of SSIPA Board member duties is found below.


SSIPA members, in good standing, may nominate (via email or letter) another member or themselves for any open Board positions. A nomination form must be submitted no later than 7/15/2021.


A Nominating Committee will be appointed by the Board consisting of at least 3 members in good standing, approximately 7/1/2021. One Board member will chair the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee will evaluate all nominees and select a slate of the most qualified candidates for election.


A slate of candidates will be presented to the membership via the SSIPA website, approximately 60 days prior to election, around 9/1/2021. Voting will occur on 11/1/2021. On-line voting will be available to members in good standing for a period of not more than 5 days. The candidate(s) receiving the most votes will be deemed elected to the position. Should any vacancies not be filled through the election process, the Board may fill the vacancies by appointment.


The Board member will normally be elected for a two (2) year term, and with Board Officers selection/approval may be selected to serve a second two (2) year term for a maximum of four (4) consecutive years. The term of office may be changed at the discretion of the Board to ensure that the Board has staggered terms of Board members to ensure continuity.

SSIPA Board Member Duties
  • Be an ambassador for SSIPA, players over 50 years of age and the sport of Pickleball.

  • Utilize and follow all things SSIPA including the Bylaws, tournament guidelines, website information and postings.

  • Attend all board meetings, if possible. Meetings are approximately once a quarter. Stay current in knowledge regarding the sport of pickleball.

  • Maintain a reputation for acceptable ethical, moral and social behavior. Be current in membership with SSIPA and USA Pickleball.

  • Provide guidance and leadership to SSIPA in a fiscally conservative manner that is in the best interest of SSIPA membership.

  • Respond in a timely manner to any emails or communications pertaining to SSIPA business

If you prefer to print out an application form and email it to SSIPA, CLICK HERE to download the application form and email it to: Chris Thomas at:
SSIPA Board Application Form