SSIPA 2022 Board Elections

There were seven candidates who submitted applications for two open board positions.  The SSIPA Nominating Committee, composed of three board members Tim Kuss, Vicky Noakes and Chris Thomas, met over a two-day period to review the applications.  The Committee selected three candidates whose qualifications best met the high standards of becoming a board member.  Those three candidates are in alphabetical order: Nicholas Falletta (Indiana), David Hart (Georgia) and Bill Schoen (California).

SSIPA members in good standing will vote online beginning 11/1/2021 to select two board members whose term of office will commence on 1/1/2022.  Online voting will be available for a period of not more than 5 days.  The two candidates receiving the most votes will be deemed elected to the board.  Members have two votes for candidates, but can only vote for each candidate once.  There will be an announcement and instructions prior to 11/1/2021 regarding the online voting process.

Members can review the candidate’s qualifications and view a photo by clicking on “Meet the Candidates.”  Given the document length, we suggest that you print it out.  For transparency and fairness purposes, the SSIPA Board will not make or suggest a recommendation for particular candidates. 

The Board member will be elected for a two (2) year term, and with Board Officers selection/approval may be selected to serve a second two (2) year term for a maximum of four (4) consecutive years.  The term of office may be changed at the discretion of the Board to ensure that the Board has staggered terms of Board members to ensure continuity.

Falletta 2022 election_edited.jpg
Hart 2021 elections_edited.jpg
Schoen 2021 elections_edited.jpg

CLICK HERE to Meet the Candidates