Super Senior International Pickleball Association
Membership Guidlines
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SSIPA membership is required to participate in any SSIPA Circuit tournament event. To participate in the SSIPA Circuit Point System you must have an Annual or higher membership. All SSIPA tournaments are USA Pickleball Sanctioned Tournaments and require USA Pickleball membership.

Join USA Pickleball by clicking this link:

Members will be emailed their SSIPA Membership number after they

have joined and each Tournament Director will be receive a list of

all paid and current members.


Membership Benefits:

  1. All membership fees are used to support the tournament circuit
    and association. (All volunteer staff.)

  2. Players will only compete with other players in their age groups
    within similar skill levels.


  3. The tournament circuit will use a point system to award prizes


  4. There will be a championship tournament at the end of the season.

  5. SSIPA members benefit from standardized tournament guidelines
    approved by the SSIPA Board and Tournament Directors.



Note:  A $5.00 – Temporary – 1 Tournament Fee Membership – can be paid when registering for each individual SSIPA tournament on 

Dues Structure:  SSIPA Membership 

  • $20.00 – Annual Membership

  • $50.00 – 3 Year Membership

  • $80.00 -  5 Year Membership

  • $150.00 – Lifetime Individual

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*Founder names are listed on the SSIPA website and will receive a certificate.