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Super Senior International Pickleball Association
Kenny Long
Sun City, AZ

The Pickleball Pastor


I live and play pickleball in Sun City Arizona, but my pickleball journey started in Grand Junction Colorado. After playing racquetball for 20 years I had to give it up after back surgery. While I was recovering, I was invited to play pickleball. After my first trip to the courts in Grand Junction, I was hooked on the game.


I don’t have a long resume of wins at big tournaments, but I love to compete. I have picked up 15 medals in local tournaments in Colorado and Arizona at the 3.5 and 4.0 levels because I have been pretty good at picking partners.  I am also a founding member of SSIPA.

Pickleball has opened up a whole new world for me. It has even brought opportunities for ministry into my life. I have performed 2 weddings for friends that I have made playing pickleball.


I was born and raised in Tennessee and you will often see me on the courts wearing Tennessee Orange and ready to talk about the Tennessee Volunteers. I also love to talk about hunting deer, elk and bear. I served as a guide in Colorado for 13 years, but now at age 67 I would rather talk about climbing the mountains than actually having to climb them again.

As much as I love pickleball and hunting, my first love is preaching the gospel and serving as a pastor of a local church.


I serve as the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Sun City Arizona and pickleball has allowed me to meet a lot of folks and make many new friends and to do ministry as well.  I will often invite folks to come hear me preach so they can say, “I beat that preacher in pickleball”.  Being a pastor has allowed me to make friends all around the world. I have been on mission trips to Mexico, Thailand and Nepal. I have been to Zimbabwe twice and 3 times to China.

If you ever need a “Pickleball Pastor” you can find one at First Baptist Church in Sun City or on the courts at the Marinette Center in Sun City AZ. I won’t be able to help you get over your pickleball addiction, but I will be able to sympathize with you.