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Super Senior International Pickleball Association
Jeannie Remsey
Port Townsend, WA

    I thought I would never love a sport as much as I loved tennis!  Growing up in San Diego, I began playing competitive tennis from when I was 10  and until I was 62, when we  retired and I moved with my husband, Tom,  to Port Townsend, Washington.  By that time, I needed a new knee and hip and could no longer play the game I loved.  Six years ago, residents of our community on the shores of Discovery Bay, raised the funds to build just one Pickleball court.  I was one of the first to take lessons, and I was hooked on the sport that was developed just a few miles away on Bainbridge Island.

    Ah, but I get ahead of myself!  After graduating from San Diego High School, I attended Utah State University, following my boyfriend and eventual husband to Logan, Utah.  As a Writing and Mass Communications major, I was Sports editor and then Editor of our college newspaper.  With publication three days a week, I marvel that I actually received a degree. After graduation, we returned to Southern California where I had a couple of jobs in public relations, one for United Way, and one for the University of the Seven Seas.  After marriage, a stint for my husband in the Navy, and two children, I returned to school and received a  teaching credential, followed by a MS in Special Education.  I returned to work when our youngest son started school.  Our family basically lived on the tennis court, adding racquetball and the requisite community and club sports for the boys.  

Following a divorce and eventually remarriage, I now was the mother of four sons ranging in age from 11-14.  You can imagine the fun and chaos running rampant in our combined family!  

    I again returned to school to get my masters in counseling psychology and spent the last eighteen years of my career as a high school counselor in Portland, Oregon, my husband’s home town.  There we skied on the slopes of Bachelor in Bend and Mount Hood, just miles from our front door. We were also competitive race walkers, competing for the Fit Happens team, placing second or third for several years in the annual Hood to Coast race from the top of Mt Hood to the shores of the Pacific on the Oregon Coast

Though my husband does not play Pickleball, he is one of my staunchest supporters and indulges me in my desire to spend the winter in Mexico in order to play almost daily. We spent five winters in Mazatlan, Mexico, and are in our first in San Carlos on the Sea of Cortez. His being a lifelong fisherman and boat owner, Tom enjoys taking a break from salmon, halibut fishing and Dungeness crabbing of the Pacific Northwest to catching tuna In the warm waters of our winter home.

    Always the competitor, I love to travel to tournaments, with one of my favorites being the international Indoor Championships In Centralia, WA.  I also love the Washington State Senior games where the competition just keeps getting better and better!

    When not on the Pickleball court, I am an avid quilter.  I lead our community book group and participate in a writing group.  I have just published, “An exact Replica of a figment of my Imagination - a memoir” for my family which now includes five grandchildren.  Thankfully, though there are two grandsons, I finally got three girls...two attending Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA and one at the University of Oregon.

    Late in my seventh decade, I know my tournament days are numbered, but perhaps I can keep playing this crazy game called Pickleball for many years to come, for there are few places where people of all ages and abilities can get together to just have fun!